Halcyon: A Sentinel Novel

Genre: Sci-fi, Young Adult

For Fans Of

Suzanne Collins, Cecily von Ziegesar, Veronica Roth,

Book Summary

It’s hard being the new girl at school. Not only has Hailey Schick managed to piss off the popular kids, but Trevor, the boy she sort of likes, is a total social pariah. To top it off, nothing is what it seems at the University School.

Eternally young sentinels from the parallel universe of Halcyon have infiltrated the school. The Halcyonians have found a “cure” for aging and can travel between dimensions. The rulers of Halcyon, are sending out sentinels to scout potential planets where their people could settle.

Hailey and Trevor have a hard enough time dealing with high school drama, and now they’re supposed to save Earth.


Jan 08, 2018 Christina rated it it was amazing
This is a very readable, highly original YA story that combines sci-fi with romance, and adds a good dose of teenage angst and a strong social message, to boot.
Hailey Schick is the new girl in school and tries to find her niche amid the competing cliques. She soon meets fellow social outcast Trevor and the two team up; a romance slowly develops. Things get complicated when Hailey finds out that through the school's popular kids, an alternate reality belies her everyday world, and this other universe carries some sinister consequences for humankind.
Deft dialogue and nimbly drawn, likeable characters pull the reader along into the world of this story. Clues about the existence of something lurking behind the scenes keep the reader turning the pages to find out what it is. After the big reveal, the stakes are upped considerably, leading to a satisfying ending.
I enjoyed this book and I’m looking forward to more installments in this promising new series.

Jan 14, 2018 Sabetha rated it it was amazing
This book is Mean Girls meets Hunger Games. It kept me intrigued throughout the whole story. I loved that Hailey wasn't your typical YA main character. She followed the crowd to be popular, didn't accept the out of the ordinary just because someone told her it was so, and second guessed everything about herself and her decisions every step of the way. Typical teen. The "plastics" of this story were brutal, and screamed real high school experience for anyone of a Clique like that. I also appreciated that at the end of the day, no matter what was going on in the bigger picture, for these Sophomores it always came back to arguing about day to day school drama, like who's hot and who's not, who likes who, and who is smart. The world may be ending but 15 year olds will always be 15 year olds. LOL

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About the Author

Caroline Akervik has been an avid reader since the fourth grade when a nun named Sister Dorothy introduced her to the magical world of Narnia. Caroline read anything and everything and was a particular fan of Marguerite Henry's horse stories and, especially, of King of the Wind.
Most of her early adulthood was spent as a professional horsewoman. She competed through the Grand Prix level of Dressage and worked with and trained many horses. Then, Caroline was blessed with a wonderful husband and three incredible children. Spending time with her own children motivated her to return to school to become a library/media specialist.

Now, Caroline shares her love of story and of the magic and power of words with the children she teaches. In her own work, Caroline seeks to write from the heart and to transport her readers and give wings to their imaginations. Caroline writes for young people, but agrees with C.S. Lewis that "A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest."

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