Hall Pass For Life: A steamy tale of overcoming pain and finding romance

Genre: General Fiction, Romance

Book Summary

From the first moment Thea heard Liam’s sexy voice come over the radio, she began to fantasize about him being in her bed.

Unfortunately her reality is a cold, lonely bed and a controlling husband.

Thea has always dreamt of a fairy tale life. However, a selfless decision she made fifteen years ago has left her trapped in a loveless marriage.

When Malcolm Drake wants to play house with his latest mistress, he sends his wife, Thea, on a “Hall Pass”. Thea’s steamy fantasies might just become a reality after all.

Liam Pierce is a successful, young British singer who thinks his life is perfect...that is until he meets the beautiful, older Thea. Sensual sparks fly between them, causing Thea to feel alive again. The sexy, young man not only satisfies her physical desires, he stirs up her long buried dreams as well.

Just when Thea believes she can be free of Malcolm’s control, he commits a heinous act that will send her world crashing down.

Liam is a prince worthy of any fairy tale but can he help Thea fight her way out of the darkness?


"Moving romance with an ending that made me cry... happy tears.
Technically this story has great pace, not rushed, not too slow. The story unfolds at a lovely leisurely pace that is comforting to read.
It is well structured and written well.
The touch on marriage abuse came as a surprise and was very well handled, not elaborating but revealing enough of the motives and pain that controlling marriages can sometimes have. Dealt with really well.
But the overriding steamy, hot, loving relationship that the two main characters have carries you through the story so that you are rooting for them all the way." - goodreads review

Hall Pass for Life is a third party POV romance with twists and turns to keep you reading until the very last page. With a controlling husband like Malcolm, Thea has no where to turn. That is until he giver her an out he never thought would materialize... Liam. The British singer half her age that falls head over add for the cougar. What Malcolm didn’t expect was Thea to take back her life, her control. Sending Malcolm over the edge was never her intention, yet that’s what it does. Leaving Liam to pick up the pieces of Thea all over again!! A great, easy read. Enjoyed every last juicy detail!! - amazon review

About the Author

Romance author Dorothea Lynne is devoted to giving her readers sexy, romantic love stories that make your heart skip a beat. She is a hopeless romantic who gives you compelling characters to root for (and a few to root against as well).

The real world can be tough sometimes, so cuddle up with one of Dorothea’s books and escape from it for a bit.

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