Hatha Yoga for Teachers​ & Practitioners

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

Complete Guide For Sequencing
Classify yoga poses and instantly create customized yoga sequences for different levels, themes and goals.

200+ Asana Variations in Detail
Access more than 200 asana instructions, alignment cues, contraindications, and modifications and bring your yoga classes and practice to a whole new level.

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“Ram and Kalyani have compiled a wonderful and comprehensive presentation honoring ancient principles of classical yoga, while also speaking in a language appropriate to the present day. Ram’s expertise comes from years of being steeped in the original culture of yoga as a way of life and philosophy far transcending a simple form of stretching and exercise. This book is a welcome tool for anyone interested in pursuing a deeper understanding of practicing or teaching yoga in its classical form.”

~ David Swenson, author of Ashtanga Yoga – The Practice Manual

“As a yoga instructor and editorial director of YogiApproved.com, a leading yoga publication, this is one of the most comprehensive guides to yoga and sequencing that I’ve seen. Hatha Yoga For Teachers and Practitioners breaks down the practice, the science behind it, the chakra system and the asanas in a way that’s incredibly in-depth yet completely approachable. A valuable resource for any yogi, Hatha Yoga should be a requirement in all yoga teacher trainings.”​

~ Ashton August, founder and editorial director of YogiApproved.com

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About the Author

Arhanta Yoga ® is an international Yoga school with Yoga ashrams in India and The Netherlands. We help people to become confident & certified yoga teachers with our internationally accredited professional yoga teacher training courses. Our courses are based on our years of teaching experience.

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