HEART - WARMING TALES: Tales of Crime, Love, Unhappy Marriages, and Dead Business

Genre: Short Stories

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Pet and Dog Lovers SHE CRIED FOR ME - Autobiography of a Homeless Dog MY FIRST HOME “What are you doing here, dog?” he shouted. I cringed as I saw the broom raised in his hand. It came crashing down but I darted away for cover under the steps. He came after me and I lay crouched in the lowest part of the area where he could not get at me. He stooped to glare at me and blurted out, “When I get back home tonight be gone from here. Do you hear me, dog? I cannot afford to buy myself a proper meal, far less feed you. For your own sake leave, or I will kill you.” I heard from my master those last words. I was scared to death. I was just sitting on the lawn. I was not disturbing him. Why did he hate me? Where would I go? I was born there. My mother gave birth to my brothers and me under those steps where I lay. My master’s wife who loved us and took care of us passed away one month ago. My mother died of starvation two weeks after my master’s wife died. He gave away my brothers to two of his friends. I recall that day. His friends came to visit him and they started drinking and behaving raucously. They were also smoking something, which smelt awful. Late at night, three of them stumbled out of the house. They looked at us as we huddled together on the ground. We were hungry and expected dinner. My master threw some scraps of bread on the ground. They turned to leave. One of them turned around and asked my master, “My son has been asking for a pet. Can I have that one?” He pointed to my brother. He was better looking than I was. In fact, both my brothers were better looking than I was. I am a girl but I was scrawny looking because I lacked proper care and nutrition. “You can have all three,” he said. ”My wife loved pets but I have no time for them. To me, they are bloody nuisances.” “I will take one for my son too,” said the other man. He stood for a while looking at us, glancing from one to the other. I hoped that one of them would take me away and feed me. I started thinking how nice it would be to be the pet of a little boy. It was not to be. In the blink of an eye, they took up my brothers and walked off with them. I was alone. My master looked at me and said, “No one wants you, dog. I am stuck with you.” I felt abandoned. I did not even have a name. He addressed me as ‘dog’ each time. For days, he did not feed me. Luckily, for me, the little girl next door would throw me a few sausages when she was feeding her dogs. She was very kind, and her dogs came close to the fence to keep my company. When my master was at home, he would sweep the yard and threaten me with the broom. At times, he would hit me with the broom and I would run off howling in pain. It was becoming unbearable to live there anymore.

Book Summary

Heart - Warming Tales consists of six unusual and enjoyable short stories of Comedy, Crime, Love, Infidelity and Unhappy Marriages.

The Caregiver is a romance. Torn between two men who love her, Lena faces a choice.
Whom will she marry and what will be the outcome?

Her Online Predator is a mystery - thriller /romance. It teaches a valuable lesson.
Be careful with whom you make friends on the internet.
That person may not be the one he or she claims to be
A Marriage on the Rocks is about a young couple who had serious problems in their marriage.
The wife left the marital home to find a more exciting way of life. did she reconcile with her husband?

Dead Business is about a suspicious woman who doubted her husband.
She was determined to find out the truth about him. Did she?

The Psychiatrist and the Thief is a comedy-mystery.
A thief pretends to be a patient of the psychiatrist, and a series of blunders occur.

She Cried for Me is the tale of a stray dog who found a loving home.



Rating: 5 out of 5 Heart Warming Tales Heart Warming Tales written by Brenda Mohammed.
Heart Warming Tales
Heart Warming Tales written by Brenda Mohammed will indeed warm your hearts during and after reading. The stories are well written and extremely interesting. They grab your attention and I guarantee you will not put down the book until you have completed reading it. You will surely want to keep on turning page after page..
The Book begins with The Psychiatrist and the Thief. This story displays the vivid imagination of the author. It has a surprising middle and ending and will hold your attention throughout.
The next story is entitled ,A Marriage on the Rocks.
This story deals with the love a husband has for his wife. It teaches us that we must try to face life's challenges and forgive each other's weaknesses. Reading this story will surely assist us in knowing the true art of forgiveness.
The Undertaker's Wife teaches us to trust our loved ones, and never keep secrets from them. This story will truly warm the heart. It teaches us to understand each other's differences and not let fear and distrust rule our lives.
Reading these stories will indeed give an insight into many values and virtues which we should all practice in our daily lives. The author has to be congratulated for sharing her imagination and vision with others, making us feel the things she feels.


By Arabella Persaud on June 19, 2014
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
This collection consists of three short stories and a set of letters written to the author by her late elder brother.

The first story, "The Psychiatrist and the Thief" is a story about Dr. Brown who is assaulted by a thief who had
previously kidnapped his secretary. In a story that could have had disastrous consequences, the author skilfully turns around the plot and has the thief apprehended. The theme of this story is: "Crime does not pay." The setting is universal and the events could occur in any business or home.

The two other stories, "Marriage on the Rocks" and "The Undertaker's Wife" both take place in the author's native Trinidad.
The theme of both stories is "Love conquers all." In the first story, the wife, Maria, is discontented when her wealthy husband gambled away all his money and then moves the family from the city to a rural area where he begins farming the land he had inherited from his parents. She leaves her husband and children and goes to the city in search of adventure. When her husband finds her a year later, he is able to forgive her and welcome her back into his life.

In "The Undertaker's Wife", we have a suspicious wife who believes her husband is involved in underhand activity and decides to spy on him. However, she soon discovers that his business is legitimate and that he actually runs a big funeral parlor. The couple reconciles in the end and there is no more suspicion on either part.

These stories are uplifting in that they demonstrate the better part of human nature and show how fulfilling life is when people can forgive one another and live in harmony.

About the Author

BRENDA MOHAMMED, a former Bank Manager from Trinidad is a multi-genre, bestselling, and multi-award-winning author of 27 books.
She is the Founder of the Literary Forums How to Write for Success, Poems for Suicide Prevention, Library of How to Write for Success, Poems Against Domestic Violence, Regional Director – Operations- Motivational Strips, the world’s most active writers’ forum., Honorary Member of the World Higher Literary Academic Council of World Nations Writers Union, and National President of the Union of Writers, Union Hispaniomundial de Escritores for Trinidad and Tobago.
She won several literary awards in the USA, Oman, Peru, Kazakhstan, Seychelles, and India, among which are THE PEACOCK oPINION Honour, a distinguished award of appreciation that falls under LEVEL 1 in terms of all honors summed up, conferred on her by Motivational Strips, and the Gujarat Sahitya Akademi award under State Government of Gujarat, for Literary excellence on par with Global standards.

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