Hearty Land: A tale about a journey into a land of abundance

Genre: Dystopian and Futuristic, Fantasy, General Fiction, Paranormal

Book Summary

Hearty Land : A tale about a journey into a land of abundance is a story about possibilities, defined by choices we make every day. About a future we could live if we would make certain choices. In a tale present scientific data are intertwined with a (maybe) fictional story about Hearty Land. Maybe it is written because, who knows if the similar land didn't exist before? Where human being knew how great they are. In a Hearty Land human beings rediscover their greatness by acknowledging the sacred right to leading a decent life which applies to all living forms. Be it on two or four legs, in human or animal form. Or in a shape of a beautiful tree, bush, flower you gaze to rest your tired mind. Or a stone you build your houses or necklaces. It is a story about a rebirth of a humankind.

About the Author

Ema Dan is an author with a flair for exploring the vast dimensions of the human spirit,
the courage we possess, and everything we could be. The potential which lies in us. The potential to create and choose to create. And willingness to create anything, be it life-giving, positive, and nourishing or negative and destructive. And ultimately the power of choices we make in each and every day. As a passionate vegan and advocate of social justice was successfully reaching out to an audience while working as an intern journalist in one of the oldest newspaper companies, where articles were well accepted by the audience. Much shorter and free novel of the same name written in her native language has also appeared in one of the oldest country's magazine. Currently, while not being busy with daily obligations she is indulging herself in creative projects.

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