Hello Again by Deborah Nolan

Genre: Romance

Book Summary

Are we more than the roles we're expected--or even willingly--to fill?

In her forties, Cassie McBride has come to the realization that she lost herself in marriage and trying to be a good mother to her two children, both now in college. While she loved her job as a family court lawyer, she can no longer separate what made her happy and what she did because she believed she was supposed to in order to be fulfilled.

After her husband cheats on her with a neighbor in a scandalous affair that the entire New Jersey community they live in is witness to, she divorces him and moves to Scottsdale, Arizona to start over. With a new job at a nonprofit foundation, she buys herself a "makeover" wardrobe, determined to reinvent herself and figure out what truly makes her happy. With choices available that feel strange and exciting to her, she begins dating and exploring a whole new life.

Just when things begin to settle down, her ex-husband suffers a massive heart attack. Barely hanging on, he has no one to care for him with his new girlfriend uninterested in playing nursemaid to him. Can Cassie allow either of her children to leave college to be there for their father...or will she have to fall back into an existence where her own needs are constantly overshadowed by others?

About the Author

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