Her Buried Secrets

Genre: Non Fiction, Short Stories

Book Summary

Like millions of women, TSJ wanted to always seem "pure" to the world. She is constantly praised for the woman she is today, but no one really knows what took for her to get here. Countless mistakes, tons of insecurities, rejection, and brokenness has been a part of her journey. Her Buried Secrets is the journey of TSJ, raw, and the uncut truth. It tells her story of how being broken into a million pieces led to discovering her faith which healed her.

About the Author

Tiffany Shena Johnson, also known as TSJ, is an author, blogger, public speaker, mentor, & entrepreneur. You can find her giving self-love/care tips on her blog or posting highlights of her life on Instagram.

Follow her social media by the handle SincerelyUrs_TSJ. Get updates on all TSJ on booksbytsj.com

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