Heroes Don't Travel

Genre: Action Adventure, Dystopian and Futuristic, Sci-fi, Suspense Thrillers

For Fans Of

George Orwell Suzanne Collins Anthony Burgess

Book Summary

Heroes Don’t Travel-#2 Dystopian Thriller Heroes Series is a fast-paced dystopian thriller from the author Roo I MacLeod.

The feral town of Henwell is in turmoil. Guns have been fired and bodies litter the streets. A girl has crossed the Gypsies and they want blood

Anyone’s blood!

Ben Jackman, aka Street Boy, is hired to bring her back home, but this is no click and collect mission as there is a child involved. The girl’s child, a child the Gypsies have claimed as their blood: And they don’t want to give it back

Ben must capture the child, reunite the girl with her father and prevent the Gypsies enacting Armageddon on his sorry arse

Alas, two out of three is all he can hope for.

Hit the BUY IT NOW button! And enter this fast, fetid and ferocious dystopian fiction world. Hang onto your hat, sit tight, as you are going to need a drink to survive this journey!


Good, dark dystopian story-Snave 51

About the Author

Roo I MacLeod is the author of the Dystopian Thriller Heroes Series featuring Street Boy, a vagrant living on the streets and Wolf Girl, a vigilante copper working with the homeless to bring justice to the nation of Albion Minor.

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