Heroes of the Horde Series, Book 4: Divided

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Book Summary

Six high school students obtained amazing superpowers from their school's demonic legend and unleash the demonic Horde. As their new powers grow, they have to find a way to contain what they unleashed before the evil spreads beyond the school.

With friend against friend, sibling against sibling, the Heroes of the Horde are divided. One side feels certain the other is under the influence of the demon Horde while the other fears having their superpowers stolen. Old grudges ignite while even older enemies are called upon for aid. In the darkest of moments, new love blossoms. But what can survive a civil war between the Heroes?
Discovering that the leader of the demon Horde survived eradication is the final straw. While the Horde leader has the power to bring all the demons back, his greatest power is in manipulating the divisions separating the Heroes. The only way to bring down the evil is to give their powers willingly over to one member of the team. But, with the group split seemingly beyond repair, joining their superpowers for one last epic clash may prove impossible.

About the Author

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