Hidden Part One

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Romantic Suspense Thriller, Suspense Thrillers

For Fans Of

For fans of Craig Johnson's Longmire Series, Kent krueger mystery series, Robert B. Parker's Jesse Stone series, Louise Penny mysteries

Book Summary

Sully, a young Marine vet, returns home to Oregon straight from combat in Afghanistan. While recovering emotionally and physically, he attempts to make peace with his abusive father and pull the family horse ranch out of economic straits. Layered into Sully’s story are horse theft, murder, and the seeming futility of pursuing the love of an older woman. In beautiful lilting prose, the rugged characters and landscape of Oregon are brought to life with detail and emotion. We understand their fragility, struggles, dreams, suffering, and joys.


Amazon Five Star Reviews:

Linda Berry brings the rugged characters and landscapes of Central Oregon to life with detail and emotion. She has an uncanny knack for revealing the soft underbelly of the hardest individuals.

— Paul Bacon, Author of Bad Cop: New York’s Least Likely Police Officer Tells All

If the measure of a great novel is that you want to keep turning the pages, then Hidden is a smashing success! Berry has created a cast of richly detailed characters—some we empathize with from the first moments we meet them, others we loath with a feral intensity. But what makes Hidden especially enjoyable is the beautiful Oregon scenery combined with a tense and compelling plot. Sully, a Marine veteran, returns home hoping to recover from the violence he has witnessed and been a party to. But a ring of horse thieves has a different plan, and soon Sully is forced to fight for his life and that of his father. Five stars and highly recommended!

— Dave Edlund, author of the award-winning Peter Savage action/political thrillers

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About the Author

Linda Berry is a professed bibliophile. Her life-long love of reading and writing culminated in a twenty-five year career as an award-winning copywriter and art director. Mystery, murder, suspense, and romance are the themes of Linda’s novels. Her stories are populated with complex characters facing extraordinary challenges, almost certainly life-threatening.

Linda was the middle of five children raised in a military family. She lived an adventurous childhood in various parts of the US and Europe, exploring the mysteries of life and the astonishing worlds that exist between the covers of books.

Linda lives in a beautiful resort town in Central Oregon with her husband and toy poodle, surrounded by a motley crew of relatives who continue to propagate, and “will eventually take over the world.” Though writing is her passion, she also loves reading, art, gardening, travel, movies, and the great outdoors.


Linda majored in art and worked as a creative director and copywriter for thirty years, with clients ranging from movie studios to corporations such as Hewlett-Packard.

Beautiful Bend Oregon
Beautiful Bend Oregon

To this day, she loves to escape into the pages of a good book (of every genre), and reads two to three a week. As an author, she cannot conceive of writing a story that doesn’t revolve around at least one good murder, with a plot that is a labyrinth of mystery and surprise.

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