Honor at Stake

Genre: Christian, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Suspense Thrillers, Urban Fantasy

For Fans Of

Jim Butcher Dresden Files Larry Correia John Ringo Arrow (Season 2)

Book Summary

A 2016 Dragon Award Nominee for Best Horror Novel!

One is a heartless, blood thirsty killer. The other is a vampire.

College freshman, Amanda Colt knows few people and wants to know fewer still. She enjoys fencing and prefers facing a challenge every once in a while. She is beautiful, smart, and possibly the most interesting person on campus...and most people stop after the first adjective.

Then she finds Marco Catalano in her fencing class. He is tall, attractive, and very intense. With a mind like a computer and manners of a medieval knight, he scares most people. Except Amanda.They both have secrets, for they are both monsters.

As they draw closer, they must find the line between how much they can trust each other, and how much they can care for each other. Each carries a secret that can destroy the other. They must come to grips with their personal drama soon, because a darkness is rising. Bodies are turning up all over New York, and an army of vampires is closing in on all sides.

They have only one hope-each other.


"When Vampires try to take a bite out of the Big Apple, they'd better watch out. From street gangs to the Mafia to Vatican ninjas, the best and the worst of humanity bond together to save their city. Finn is a master of the fight scene and nonstop action - Honor at Stake will leave you feeling sucked dry." ~ Karina Fabian, of Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator.

"Honor At Stake is what happens when a monster-killing action flick meets a solid romance and a compelling character study in a world where "good vampires" actually make sense. It is thoroughly enjoyable, and I can't wait for another installment." ~The Catholic Geeks

"Mystery, Romance, Vampires....Finn has kicked up the action in this thriller!... A riveting novel where the action never stops. A real page-Turner....The action never stops in Finn s latest thriller. Kept this author up at night..." ~Karen Kelly Boyce, award-winning author

About the Author

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