Hope Dawning

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

For Fans Of

Shelly Crane Quinn Loftis Jennifer Nielsen

Book Summary

When Raven's eighteenth birthday comes and goes and no true marks appear, she is devastated. She barely has time to process her emotions before she is kidnapped. She has no idea what her captors want with her. She's not marked, and she doesn't have any special abilities.

After being beaten and thinking she is going to die, she suddenly finds herself rescued and away from that awful place. Her injuries are too much for her body, and she falls unconscious. When she wakes up, everything has changed. She is shocked to discover she is now bound to a powerful Prince. Soon after, she experiences a vision and discovers she is the seer mentioned in an ancient prophecy. Everything is moving too fast for Raven to process, especially the prince who is more than happy to fast track their relationship.

Now it's up to her to see a future where they can succeed, and it's up to him to keep her safe until they do.

About the Author

My name is Amanda. I write fantasy books that provide an escape into another world, giving my readers a break from the problems in real life. Sometimes life is hard, and you just need to get away from it for a time. That’s why I write. I want to provide that escape for someone. I am a voracious reader and have been from an early age. I loved reading so much and spend so much time doing it, I decided to give writing my own books a shot. I hope you will join me on my journey, and we can journey together through the exciting world of fantasy together!

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