Hot Flashes of Life: A Collection of Flash Fiction

Genre: Short Stories

Book Summary

Hot Flashes of Life, is a sometimes whimsical, sometimes thought provoking, always entertaining, whirlwind tour of life seen through her globe trotting short stories. This book features two of Rachel’s favorite genres, Creative Non-Fiction and Flash Fiction. Flash Fiction is quite simply a very short story. But this genre fuels heated debate over word count with proponents voicing opinions from 50 to 1,500 words. The fun part is this genre has become a literary necessity in our modern, 24/7, on-to-go society. Read, enjoy, and remember when.


It has been some time since I last read such a fun book. And it is based on the author's real-life experiences. Unlike some personal recollection tomes, Rachel Ellyn's collection of intimate tales is never over-indulgent, never arrogant and never boring. There are some descriptions that are absolutely hysterical. I will not spoil the enjoyment of discovering them for yourself. For a person like myself who has to snatch precious moments of reading good writing whenever and wherever he can, Rachel's book is especially welcome, because each story is self-contained and only a couple of pages long. So I can complete one, two, three or more in a single sitting, depending upon how much time I have. I highly recommend it.

About the Author

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