Hot For Heather

Genre: Romance

Book Summary

Heather is a quiet classical pianist lacking in a social (or sex) life. One day, she's utterly shocked to find out that the hot delivery guy she accidentally flashed in the hallway is actually her brand new neighbour, Mike, a soldier recently back from deployment. And Mike's very interested in getting to know the gorgeous girl next door who makes such beautiful music. He's especially interested in getting know her on top of that piano. And on the piano stool. And anywhere else in her apartment she's willing to let him...


Holy hell did it get hot in here all of a sudden? It's a good thing Nan is deaf and that there were no other neighbors within earshot or I fear Mike and Heather would have been facing at the least noise complaints. Great story, admittedly probably not the best to read before bed because I have no doubt this is going to haunt me. Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to your next exploit when it's available.


Hot is a massive understatement where this little story is concerned. Grab your fan and kick up the A/C.
Heather plays classical music while sweating to death in her apartment, but her passion is lacking, not feeling the emotion means her music is lacking as well. Until tall, muscular, and drop-dead sexy Mike moves in next door. Their literal run in turns into a lust-filled haze right there in the hallway. When Mike notices that Heather has been playing for several hours straight, he goes to check on her, and the pair can't control their passion.
I have one complaint about this one, TOO SHORT! It was so hot, so engrossing, that I nearly cried when it was over. I need more Mike and Heather in my life! 5-sexy stars for sure

About the Author

I'm an Australian mother of two who writes steamy romances and loves to read and blog about books.

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