How a Single Woman Can Overcome Stigmatisation: Thriving in a World of Negative Stereotypes

Genre: Christian, Non Fiction

Book Summary

From the Author: Dear friends, this book was birthed as a result of the pain I witnessed and also experienced as a single woman. My life evolved from desperation to acceptance, peace with self and with God, and finally, fulfilment as a single woman. I therefore wish to share my life lessons with you and be a source of encouragement to many single ladies out there. This book also goes a long way to change the wrong perception of singleness and to help people to realise that singleness is one of the best gifts in life with so many advantages that society is blinded to.

If you are a single lady (most especially, one of the older ones of thirty-five years and above), this book will bring back your widest smile, brightest glow, and self-esteem. It will enlighten you about the true meaning of life and its purpose. The book will take you through the stages of self-discovery and the realignment of your priorities. It will equip you with practical guidelines of how to live a fulfilled life despite the increased singleness in our world today. You will get to know people who, despite being single, have great achievements and legacies. You will discover that you are not alone.

To the relatives and friends of the single lady and the general public, you will not only be shown the reality of the discrimination and the negative effect of the pressure put upon unmarried women but also be helped to adapt the right attitude in supporting them in fulfilling life’s purpose.

About the Author

Esther Kuganja is founder and Executive director of Character Aroma Project, a Non-governmental Organisation whose mission is to improve, strengthen and increase the quality of life in Uganda through character building. Her main interests are leadership development and national transformation.

Esther’s passion is to raise leaders who can take responsibilities for their families, communities and nation. She has broad work experience in Data Analytics, Lecturing, Administration and management. One of her favourite quotes is: 'Life is not measured by its duration, but by its contribution." Dr. Myles Munroe. Esther’s extracurricular activities include singing, listening to music, reading, movies and travelling.

Having been single and a virgin at the age of forty, Esther has a rich experience and has been a stereotyped victim herself and wanted to leave the pearls of wisdom that she picked up along her journey to help others not only the unmarried ladies of today and to pass on the same to generations to come.

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