How Kind People Get Tough

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

Do you wish you could be more assertive, but you worry that you’ll come across as unkind or mean?
Do you want to speak up and be the authentic you, without pushing people away?
Do you want to ask for respect, without seeming arrogant or confrontational?

Many people struggle to find the balance between assertiveness and kindness.

Yet, it is perfectly possible.

Based on Marléne Rose Shaw’s work in helping thousands of clients, How Kind People Get Tough will help you achieve that balance, so that you can feel more confident and create happier, more fulfilling relationships.

In this book you will learn how to
● Gain respect without coming across as arrogant or unkind
● Speak your truth without fear of rejection
● Be heard and acknowledged
● Stop people-pleasing and feel confident in your own skin
● Say no with confidence, and without feeling guilty
● Know where you stand in your relationships

This book is special in that it goes beyond teaching basic assertiveness skills. It explains why we human beings have an innate struggle with assertiveness, and it teaches you how to get past those fundamental blocks.

Packed full of case studies, tools, tips, and techniques, the book also includes your free Online Companion Course to help you put those skills into practice.

Marléne Rose Shaw is a therapist, coach, and personal development author with over twenty-five years’ experience helping people.
She loves to teach people simple and actionable steps to help them make rapid shifts towards more confidence and happier relationships.
She is also the author of Out Of Fear Into Love: Life doesn't have to be a struggle

About the Author

Therapist and self help author. ​I help people have great confidence, overcome anxiety

and create happier relationships​​

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