How to Begin Homesteading: Start Small, Succeed, Expand!

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

This book is written to help those who are considering a life of homesteading. There are plenty of resources out there for those wanting to be more self-sufficient or raise their own food, but not many resources have you consider all the aspects such as private road care, before you jump in.

This book is a short overview meant to be approachable to any who are interested in homesteading. Depending on the reader's prior knowledge, this book is meant to be a reference though it can also be read cover to cover.

I have been hobby homesteading my entire life, and much of my own knowledge is what created this book. However, I also approached other homesteaders throughout the world to gather their ideas and knowledge as well.

Start with small plans, succeed in your goals, then expand your dreams!

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About the Author

I am an avid reader of most genres though I prefer YA and Fantasy.
I write a variety of genres depending upon my mood. Currently I have a YA Fantasy and a romance WIP plus I give a weekly episode (chapter) on KindleVella of a children's Fairy Adventure.

I am a hobby homesteader, former middle school Humanities teacher, mom of four, wife of one, living in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, US.

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