How To Cook Steak F*cking Perfectly ...Even If You Have The Culinary Skills Of A Trash Panda

Genre: Humour, Non Fiction

Book Summary

First off, this book is pretty short.

Y’know, like a few chapters long, which is why it’s subtitled “F*cking Annoying Problems Solved In 15 Minutes Or Less”.

Inside this expletive laden tome, you’ll discover how to easily cook a steak that is truly de-f*cking-licious, some might say better than Gordon Ramsay can, AND you get the bonus of this book being just as offensive AND less Scottish.

And only 99c.

No fancy equipment required - just get your mitts on a decent(ish) lump of a cow, a frying pan and a couple of bits of other pretty easy to find sh*t.

You might have already twigged that I swear quite a lot, so avoid this book if you are a delicate great-grandmother, a shy girl scout, a Christian kids' TV presenter or an easily influenced pet rabbit.

But read it now if you are a f*cking superstar that just wants succulent steak.

About the Author

I'm a decidedly grumpy middle-aged Dad who partakes in imaginative swearing while fixing stuff. I live in London, England and am married to a pint-sized creative Cockney, which has been highly beneficial to the expansion of my expletive armory and overall wellbeing. I have two non-matching daughters, two and a half psychotic cats, a couple of lunatic hounds and a rather excellent parrot called 'Bird'. They all provide me with daily doses of love, stress, and unexpected loud noises in varying quantities.

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