How To Get To Sleep Fast ...Even After A Double Espresso Or When Under Heavy Machine Gun Fire

Genre: Humour, Non Fiction

Book Summary

WARNING: This book is REALLY short.

Y’know, like a few pages long, that’s why it’s subtitled “F*cking Annoying Problems Solved In 15 Minutes Or Less”.

No bullsh*t.

Just a couple of simple methods that can make you fall asleep anywhere.

Screw sleep therapy or addictive, expensive sleeping tablets.

I’ll get you to sleep in 2 minutes or less.

For 99c.

That’s a f*cking bargain.

Oh and I swear quite a lot, so avoid this book if you are a nun, kindergarten teacher or easily-influenced small child.

But read it now if you are a f*cking superstar.

About the Author

I'm a decidedly grumpy middle-aged Dad who partakes in imaginative swearing while fixing stuff. I live in London, England and am married to a pint-sized creative Cockney, which has been highly beneficial to the expansion of my expletive armory and overall wellbeing. I have two non-matching daughters, two and a half psychotic cats, a couple of lunatic hounds and a rather excellent parrot called 'Bird'. They all provide me with daily doses of love, stress, and unexpected loud noises in varying quantities.

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