How To Publish An Ebook On A Budget - The Absolute Beginner's Guide To Ebook Publishing


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The absolute beginner's step-by-step guide to ebook publishing holds out a friendly, non-geek hand to hold as you go through all the self publishing processes. Written in a straightforward, chatty style by an ex-BBC writer and author of print published fiction and non-fiction. Stephanie will take you through:

Copy editing; proofreading; libel; copyright; ISBNs; how to make an ebook format from Word or Open Office to HTML for Kindle, ePub, iBooks, Kobo, PDF etc; how to insert photos and images; photo sizing; photo editing; how to caption images; how to make a cover; how to hyperlink chapter headings; how to make a clickable TOC - Table of Contents; tips on making a (free) print-on-demand paperback version of your ebook; how non-US writers can get a US ITIN tax number and so save 30% on every sale; the mistakes to avoid if offered a print publishing deal; a complete beginner's ABC guide to loading your document to Kindle; top post-production sales, marketing and social networking tips plus much, much more. Regularly updated. New! Mark Binner's Top Techie Tips & Tools... 36 Amazon UK Reviews 4.6/5*s; 29 Amazon US Reviews 4/5*s.



"Excellent and comprehensive. This is the best book I've read on ebook publishing to date" joerr2002 US Amazon 5*

"I'm 83 years old, technically naive as far as computers are concerned. Fantastic. I strongly advise anyone wanting to 'Kindle' their writings to buy Stephanie's book. I did and it saved my sanity." Alan Grainger, Amazon 5*s

"Excellent guide, I wish I had read this months ago..." Amazon 5*s

"The Bible of Ebook Publishing" MCWriter US Amazon Reviewer

"Good Grief, This Book Has Absolutely EVERYTHING!" K Gardner US Amazon Reviewer

"A fantastically brisk, snappy and practical guide. I love the step-by-step and hand holding nature of the instructions for the techie aspects!" Louise Voss, Bestselling Kindle #1 Paid Top 100 Author.

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