How to Start Your Novel

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The first words on the page are the hardest you'll write. It's easy to get overwhelmed by choices. So how do bestselling authors know how to start their novels and short stories? What techniques do they use? That's what I set out to discover. I tore apart my library, scouring the openings to hundreds of my favorite novels and short stories to see what makes them work and why. And do you know what I found? A pattern—the secret formula authors use time and time again to deliver powerful, bestselling results. And do you know what else?

Genre doesn't matter.

Point of view doesn't matter.

It works for novels, novellas, and short stories.

It works for series and standalone books.

It even works for writing memoirs.

The formula in this book will teach you how to write killer opening lines and first paragraphs—story hooks that get noticed by agents, editors, and readers. My formula contains the seven sure-fire ways successful authors use to open their stories and the ten wrong ways unsuccessful authors use (and how to fix them).

In this breakthrough new book for both aspiring and experienced writers, I'm going to reveal all these secrets and more in an unbeatable quick and easy system that will take your writing to the next level.

BONUS: Includes seven exciting case studies that show you exactly how a bestselling author constructs his first chapters from start to finish!


"Opening Jackson's How to Start Your Novel at first had me thinking this was a guide to 'writing a novel' but it really is about those all important opening pages [and] how to hook your readers... Jackson gives you various ways to do this. He shows you the good, the bad, and the ugly. More importantly, his book will inspire you [to] improve your writing!"
--Paula Wynne, author of Pimp My Fiction

"Jackson Dean Chase has created an excellent craft book. He provides lots of examples from famous authors to illustrate the points he is making. This book was so interesting it caused me to rethink the openings of some of my own works. I will be purchasing his other how to books."
--Michael J. Elliott, author of Sharpshooter

"It has very good advice on how to start (and not start) a story, and why, and real examples are given to illustrate his points. This would be a great guide for a beginner, but also a great reminder for the more experienced. Even skimming through it could prove to be useful."
--Angela J. Maher, author of Arachnight

"Jackson Dean Chase doesn't bore you with endless information--he gets straight to the point. He deals with very practical ways on how to use an opening line, how to hook the reader and keep them reading."
--Goodreads reviewer

"...If you're anything like me, [you] can't seem to make up [your] mind about what wording to start with. Suffer no more. This book is here to help."
--Kindle reviewer

"[How to Start Your Novel provides] the spark you need to light your creativity fuse. Writers of every genre will benefit from this book."
--Kindle reviewer

"This book is an excellent resource for aspiring and seasoned writers alike. Lots of tips on how to hook your reader at the beginning, real them in, and keep them biting until the end. ...If you've ever thought about writing a novel, you must get this book."
--Kindle reviewer

"Most of the 'How To' books about writing do not go into the detail that Chase does."
--Kindle reviewer

"This book [is] great for beginning or aspiring writers. ...It is one of the most organized guides I have seen on how to write... It uses real examples of writing and shows the basics of how to form scenes for your novel. This guide [should] be used by writers who are serious about being novelists."
--Kindle reviewer

"Great advice and tips all writers should know. I loved this book."
--Kindle reviewer

"Very insightful... Jackson Dean Chase cuts right to the point..."
--Kindle reviewer

"...Full of ideas [in] easy to read language [that] makes it seem more like a personal conversation than a stuffy text book. Don't waste anymore time or money on other 'how to books for fiction.' This is the only one you need."
--Kindle reviewer

"Really excellent advice and very inspiring."
--Kindle reviewer (UK)

"Jackson has really done a brilliant job of analyzing what does and doesn't work for the beginning of novels. ...I was particularly impressed with his extensive footnotes and how easy they were to refer to within the Kindle book."
--Kindle reviewer (UK)

"...Easy to understand examples of how to get started based on the way you want to start your story."
--Kindle reviewer

"...Incredibly well done. Whether a neophyte writer, an accomplished author, or merely someone who wants to understand the mechanics of starting a successful novel, you won't be disappointed."
--Kindle reviewer

"After reading this book, you'll never look at opening lines the same way again."
--Kindle reviewer

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Award winning author/poet of over twenty #1 best sellers, including How to Start Your Novel, Young Adult Fiction Best Sellers, and Bukowski's Ghost.

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