How to Write For Success Literary Magazine: Second Issue

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS LITERARY MAGAZINE - SECOND ISSUE, due in September and March each year, contains interviews of literary icons, poems from five-star poets, articles and poems from Chief Administrators, Administrators, a round-up of the network's news and achievements over the past six months of all five forums, and more,
Read and be entertained by acclaimed poets around the world from the following Literary Forums:
1. How to Write for Success Literary Forum
2. Literary Forum for Poems Against Domestic Violence
3. Poems for Prevention of Suicide Literary Forum
4. Library of How to Write for Success - BOOKS ONLY and
5.Grupo Hispaniomundial De Escritores -UHE Trinidad and Tobago.
Sit back with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy.


"It's been rightly surmised that 'every institution is but a lengthened shadow of an individual.
'Brenda Mohammed is a true representation of the How To Write For Success Literary Network.
She is a Global Literary Touch Bearer, a beacon of courage, full of grace and ingenuity.
A copy of the 2nd Issue (September 2021) of the HTWFS Magazine at hand, and having read same, all I see is a team of collective individuals committed toward championing a future of human causes, the likes of dignity for life (Poems For Prevention Of Suicide Literary Forum), espousing of peace in the home and in the world by an extension (Literary Forum For Poems Against Domestic Violence), the incentive for more literary creativity, and its promotion (Library Of How To Write For Success-Books Only), etc.
This magazine covers a whole range that includes and is not exclusive of The monthly five-star competition which attracts the brightest of literary luminaries across the world as they weave scintillating verses of down to earth, and day-to-day challenging topical issues.-
Assortment of interviews of highly esteemed members of the forum doing great things and her administrators too.
You will be glad to see and know more of what inspires global writers and seasoned administrators by reading the interviews-
Another must-see is the write-up focusing on publishing.
Brenda Mohamed is an accomplished writer of varying literary works with international recognition and accolade from Nobel Literary Institutions for her contribution on literature gave insights on same.-For the love of country being a proud citizen of Trinidad And Tobago, the forum awarded individuals of different countries in a bid to extend the olive branch as a global citizen and writer during her beloved Country's Independence Day ceremony.
Words would fail me to fully express what this magazine holds, mesmerizing poems weaved and all I would ask is for everyone to take advantage of the kindle free version and feast on this brilliant work-magazine.
A short review
Lucky Stephen OnyahFounder of School Of Arts And Poetry.

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About the Author

Brenda C. Mohammed, a former Bank Manager from Trinidad is a multi-genre, bestselling, and multi-award-winning author who has published forty-six books.
Her 40th book, HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS: VOLUME TWO was published on 6th August 2021.
Her genres include memoirs, science fiction, romance, self-help, mystery, children’s books, Christian books, psychological thrillers, poetry, and poetry anthologies.
Brenda holds a Diploma in Banking from the Institute of Bankers in London[AIB], and a Diploma in Life Underwriting from the American College, USA. [LUTCF].
She qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table, the Premier Association for Financial Professionals, [MDRT] six times in a row.
She is the Founder of the Literary Network How to Write for Success with sub-forums - Poems for Suicide Prevention, Library of How to Write for Success, and Poems against Domestic Violence.
Brenda won several literary awards in the USA, Peru, Kazakhstan, Seychelles, Nigeria, India, Romania, Argentina, Morocco, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Nederlands, and the UK.
She made headlines in several newspapers around the world.
In November 2018 she won two awards from Readers Favorite International for her science fiction book, ‘Zeeka Chronicles’ in the category Young Adult Thriller, and her Memoir, ‘I am Cancer Free’ in the category Health and Fitness.
Three of her books won gold awards in Connection EMagazine Readers’ Choice Awards - Zeeka Chronicles, Stories People love, and How to Write for Success.
In September 2021, she won the CLR Award for Best Writer - Fantasy, after submitting her book Barry Holmes Mysteries.
Brenda is an advocate against Domestic Violence and Suicide, and together with several bestselling authors have published four best-selling anthologies for these causes: A Spark of Hope I and II, and Break the Silence I and II.
Brenda is a Peace Ambassador with CIESART, Europe.
Her YouTube Channel for her Video Book Trailers, songs, and travel memories, received over 141,000 views since its inception

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