How to Write Realistic Men

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Book Summary

Why do so many writers fail to deliver realistic male characters? It turns out writing a "real man" is harder than it looks!" And that's a danger that can keep your next book from being the best seller you deserve. After all, when readers don't believe in your characters, they don't believe in your story. This book teaches the TOP 5 SECRETS you need to know and what to do with them! Even better, it works with any genre and any type of fiction from novels to screenplays. You'll learn the "New Psychology of Creating Credible Male Characters" and discover how men react to shame, threats, sorrow, and more. Get your copy today!


"This book gets straight to the point about why men act and say the things they do. As a romance writer, I found it informative."
--Tammy Tate, author of The Spirit Path

"This is a short guide on how to write men as they really are and not how most women perceive them. The author talks a lot about weakness, conflicts and how men respond to that differently than women. For a female author, this is a good book to read if you need a way into a man's psyche."
--Amber Daulton, author of My Valentine Adventure

"This is a fantastic help book with a lot of insights on how to write realistic men."
--Kindle reviewer

"...Awesome..."--Kindle reviewer

"This is exactly the kind of smart, useful book I need to write male characters with confidence."
--Kindle reviewer

"...An easy read with good things to consider..."
--Kindle reviewer

"Explanations are short and to the point; you don't have to wade through lengthy and boring descriptions to learn valuable facts. If you are a woman writing about male characters, you will gain useful information from this book."
--Kindle reviewer

"Great read, very useful advice, especially being a chick and having no clue how to get into a guy's head!"--Kindle reviewer (UK)

About the Author

Award winning author/poet of over twenty #1 best sellers, including How to Start Your Novel, Young Adult Fiction Best Sellers, and Bukowski's Ghost.

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