Howl And Growl

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Summary

The heart pounding first book in Cloe Cullen’s new Howl and Growl series.

Darius has never been welcomed in the Pack, the wolf shifter clan that inhabits the western half of the great Oldwood forest, despite being born a wolf shifter himself. The Alpha holds a grudge against him, most shifters won’t even look his way, and to top it all off, all his woes have something to do with his absent mother. Yet when Darius is called upon to help look for missing wolf shifters, he finds himself caught up in a struggle to save his clan from a blood thirsty Vampire...and also in a dangerous gambit to love the daughter of the Pride’s Alpha, the Pack’s neighboring enemy.

The Pride, inhabiting the eastern side of the Oldwood forest, have always opposed the Pack. A clan of cat shifters, they’re silent and deadly, and everything the wolves of the Pack are not. So it was inconceivable that Amara, daughter of the Pride’s Alpha, could fall for a wolf shifter, right? But when Darius saves her from a Vampire and his minions, and stoically promises to help save her clan, there’s nothing she can do to stop her heart from beating quicker every time she sees him.

The Oldwood is under attack, and the only way to protect the forest is for both the Pack and the Pride to come together for one final showdown with the Vampire from the south. But bringing together hated enemies is easier said than done. Can Darius and Amara stop the invading Vampire, bring their clans together as one, and carve out a future for their love? Or will the Vampire destroy everything they’ve ever loved?

There’s only one way to find out.

About the Author

Paranormal Romance Author.

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