Genre: Action Adventure, Historical Romance, Sci-fi

For Fans Of

Jean Auel, Robert Sawyer, Michael Crichton, Dan Brown, Diana Gabaldon

Book Summary

Archaeologist Ivy Carter is no stranger to losing the people she loves.

With the exception of Kyah, an ex- lab chimp at her university, Ivy holds everybody at arm’s length, even Orrin James, the brilliant young physicist falling for her. But when Ivy is stolen 50,000 years back in time to save a dying species of human from extinction, she must battle her demons, inside and out, to prevent a war that could change the course of human evolution forever.

In a thrilling adventure that flips between modern world catastrophe and primitive survival, Ivy Carter holds the fate of humankind in her hands.

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"Sharp and Clever. Absolutely Captivating!" (K.G. - Amazon)

"This is what happens when an author brings together real science and imagination. Camille is able to sell the science in this really well. There's also a deeply human story here. And it's incredibly relevant to our world now."
(B.L. - Goodreads)

"A really enjoyable read. The author mixes science fiction, archaeology, genetics, ethics and romance in my most thought-provoking read in ages. Juxtaposing an ancient world with our modern one, through the eyes of an environmentalist and archaeologist in the lead character, challenges the reader to examine contemporary environmental and ethical practices. All of this is tied up in a book that's an entertaining read and hard to put down."
(M.B. - Goodreads)

"Ms. Camille invokes a reader's great concern and care for her characters by having a wonderful knack for superb character description; sharing hidden thoughts; with exceptional character interaction, and realistic dialogue."
(J.A. - Goodreads)

About the Author

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