Ibrahim and The Magicians' Rebellion

Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi

Book Summary

brahim is a magician (humans who wield magic w/ artifacts) and a gifted one at that. He wasn't like the other magicians, he was forgiving and benevolent. At the request of his human companion and best friend, Wino, and with a flick of his wand, Ibrahim would feed thousands, part oceans to clear a path, and bless those around him with abundance. At the end of the trips they embarked upon, Ibrahim would hibernate in order to restore his strength. Upon waking however, Ibrahim finds the world's dynamics have shifted and he is now a second class citizen unworthy of such flamboyant gestures. As a magician, his way of life has been deemed a threat to society and could land him in prison. His best friend Wino has found peace with the newfound stability and welcomes Ibrahim back into the fold, opening his door and inviting Ibrahim into his home. Despite the indisputable prosperity delivered by the shift in power, Ibrahim still longs for his way of life and considers working with those despicably oppressed magicians in order to reclaim his rightful independence. But is he willing to challenge the way of life that Wino and so many others have benefitted from?


I can’t recommend this book enough; it is a refreshingly original premise with the prefect balance of suspense and introversion. While it is clearly in the fantasy genre, there is something very earthly and ‘real world’ about its style and message. It deals with issues which we can all relate to from our everyday lives and in its pages contain advice and wisdom which is undoubtedly relevant to us all.
One of the central themes of the book is friendship, in particular the power balances within various friendships and the questions and situations any imbalances can lead to. The story centres around two best friends; Ibrahim, a talented magician, and Wino- his human companion. In this alternate universe magicians are now oppressed, kept in order after a militaristic takeover while Ibrahim was recovering from his latest exploits with Wino. It is in this new world that Ibrahim must either accept his underdog position or strive to change it. Yet his best friend finds himself preferring this new world in many ways and becoming settled in a home and a relationship. As well as covering the main arc of the human-magician dynamic within the new world order, the story also explores the challenges and development of the pair’s friendship now the tables have turned. It is this detailed insight into interpersonal relationships which gave this book real depth for me, making it an exhilarating but also deeply interesting read. As well as the more introspective aspects of the storytelling, there is also plenty of action, suspense and, of course, twists. An all-round solid read!

About the Author

An oral storyteller, Kevin has delved into the realm of literature as a means to share his stories beyond his immediate landscape and expand his horizons. "Ibrahim" is inspired by close friends and former classmates of his. He employs a snapshot of their school days in order to create colorful caricatures and embeds a human touch woven into the fabric of his characters. We follow the magician, Ibrahim, and his human best friend, Wino, as they navigate the bumpy and winding roads of their friendship in a world where magic has been banned. The tides have turned and humans now dominate the magicians but what does this mean for Wino and Ibrahim? To what lengths will they go in order to preserve their friendship or will they pursue ulterior motives?

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