If You Don't Want to Go to Sleep, Close Your Eyes: A Story About What the Chrysanthemum Knows

Genre: Children, Fantasy, Short Stories, Young Adult

Book Summary

Growing up as a wanderer alone with her elemental oracle Mother, young Sera is bored with her simple childhood herding and trading in the ancient village of Sleep. But when a desperate deal gives her four fuzzy beans and far more than she bargains for, she discovers where personal responsibility lays in this stirring interpretation of a classic tale. Scored and illustrated for young readers.

Book One of What the Chrysanthemum Knows, an illustrated chapter book series of immersive sensory stories.

How to Use This Book: Read this 80-page book from cover to cover, or open the Contents Page and jump to an exercise or song for practice. 20 musical exercises for learning the dynamics of harmony are each woven into a short-read story (about 2-hours total) and built into a final scored piece composed of 7 voice and instrument parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Piano, Rhythm, and Percussion).

Especially Ideal for: Sensory Learners, Blended Learning Style Learners, Synesthetic Musicians, Music Students, Children's Music Teachers, and Families with Autism Spectrum Children.

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