Ignite: Book 2

Genre: Romance

Book Summary

Four years later, Ava Keene is alone and miserable. Her beloved, Xander Wilder has left her in the midst of tragedy. She has moved on with her career by immersing herself in her studies, while her personal life is non-existent. She pines away for Xander, wishing he would come back to her.

The year of her graduation brings about new contact with him, lavender roses, a stolen picture, a text. But her efforts to reunite with him go unanswered.

It’s not until a planned trip and an unplanned repair that bring them back together. But there are forces working to tear them apart and make their separation forever permanent.

Can they overcome the past and those working to break them apart?


This is the second book in The Heat Series. Ignite is the continuing story of Ava and Xander. It's four years later and much has happened to keep Ava and Xander apart.

Did you ever read a story and get so involved with characters that you talk to or yell at them while you're reading like they're in the room with you? Or how about that you want to smack or shake them to get them to face reality! Well that's what will happen when you read Ignite! MJ's writing style makes sure you're involved in the story!

You might mistakenly think that Ava and Xander will have smooth sailing when they meet again. Wrong! Once again they will still have a long way to go to be together. It's a case of two steps forward and three steps back between them. Their relationship is filled with plenty of tension, sex, intrigue, and deceit. Ava and Xander definitely have a lot of ups and downs to overcome!

We will just have to wait for Burn, the third book in the series, to see if Ava and Xander can ever have their HEA. I personally can't wait for the next installment! MJ is a new favored author of mine and it's wonderful to experience her writing growth in her books. I recommend you read both of her books out now, Spark and Ignite.

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About the Author

MJ Masucci is a romance author of The Heat Series, Spark, Ignite and Burn. She lives in Southern New York with her husband and two precocious Siamese cats. She began writing short stories in college and putting ideas down on paper for full length novels. She enjoys all types of sports especially football.

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