Impossible to Swallow—A Collection of Short Stories about the White Terror in Taiwan

Genre: Short Stories

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literary works interested in historical injustice

Book Summary

White terror in Taiwan, the terrible oppression of freedom of speech, was followed by the 228 clash in 1947. The number of death of the conflicts during the clash and in the martial law period(1949~1987) afterward is still unclear.
This collection of short stories is about how it impacted the life of ordinary people.
ISBN 978-986-94977-0-1


C.J. Anderson-Wu, in her series of short stories, Impossible to Swallow, has created engaging characters who tell the real history of the period of martial law and suppression of speech during the White Terror in Taiwan. This is recent Taiwan history, and Wu’s stories poignantly remind us that suppression of ideas and speech is ongoing in every country and that vigilance against it is urgent; that we must be diligent not to turn neighbor against neighbor. At the end of each story, you will find it quite easy to keep on reading the next.

~Jill Trick, activist

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About the Author

C.J. Anderson-Wu’s short stories appear in Anthology of Short Stories in English, Eastlit, and Lunaris Review, among other literary journals. She has translated several significant literary works such as Darkness Visible by British writer William Golding, Fanny, Being the True History of the Adventures of Fanny Hackabout-Jones by American writer Erica Jong, and Decayed Lust by Taiwanese writer Chung Wenyin, among others. Since 2006 her priority is to build up an international readership for Taiwanese literature. She founded Serenity International Publishing House which publishes the English version of Taiwanese literary works. Titles of Serenity International include Sorceress Diguwan by Badai, Decayed Land by Chung Wenyin, and Undelivered- Anthology of Tainan Literature by 13 Tainan writers.
Given that the development of contemporary Taiwanese literature had been severely slowed down during the White Terror period and the traumatic past was hardly heard of, C.J. Anderson-Wu began to write about the historical incidents and how the life of ordinary people had been impacted by the historical injustice that is still not fully discussed today.

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