In the Wilderness

Genre: Christian, Romance

Book Summary

Terrified that the police will one day arrest her for the murder of her father, Marva sees suicide as her only option. But before she can carry out her carefully-laid plans, something terrible happens – something that uncovers her closely guarded secret and leaves her groping in the wilderness. Will Marva now be punished for her crime, or will she receive forgiveness and understanding?
In The Wilderness takes you on a roller coaster ride of teenage heartbreak, depression and resilience. The lush, tropical islands of Trinidad and Tobago offset the dark matter in the book, making it one you’ll want to read again and again.

About the Author

Angela is the author of the Egypt series, three women's fiction books dealing with the psychological effects of sexual abuse. Angela is the mother of four and grandmother of the five loveliest grandchildren in the world.

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