Incredible Adventures of Budgu Cyclops

Genre: Children

Book Summary

This is a wonderful children’s book about bravery, kindness, and wisdom. Enjoy the story and discover how any difficult situation can be solved with kindness and goodness.
This story is about the kindest cyclops Budgu. His adventure starts with helping the hare trapped in the forest. Budgu sets out to find and punish those who hurt little hare, but on his way, he discovers that people, who trapped the hare, are not that bad after all. And the villagers might be in danger themselves. Our cyclops Budgu decides to save them and makes an agreement with them. Thus, he kills two birds with one stone, villagers and the animals in the forest are safe.

About the Author

Noa Will a writer, an art expert .
She writes stories and plays for kids.
She was born in USA, but at the age 12 her parents moved to Italy.
Noa wrote her first tale about a magical owl when she was 7 years old. It determined her future. When she was a little girl Noa used to write books for kids and read them out loud in front of her family. When they moved to Italy, Tuscany, Noa became interested in arts and started to paint. However, writing was always the most important thing for her.
Publishing of story collection for kids became the beginning of her artistic career, but her main characters are always animals. She used to love them ever since she was a child herself… Her stories are based on humbleness, love of nature and spiritual values. Her tales help kids understand what is friendship and unselfishness, loving your family and appreciating the beauty of nature. Noa Will’s books for kids a written simply, the plots are very clear for a kid. Each story teaches something new softly and gently. It is not a lecture, but a fascinating story that takes the children to a wonderful world of adventures. She always writes about her characters together with her sons Mateo, 2 years, and Danny, 7 years. They are also always her first readers.

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