Infamous Relations: A Pride And Prejudice "What If?" Tale

Genre: Historical Romance

For Fans Of

Jane Austen

Book Summary

A Pride And Prejudice What If...? story.

What if... Mr Collins had been even more despicable than in Jane Austen's original tale?

Would such an infamous relation destroy Elizabeth and Darcy's chance of happiness forever, or would his actions set in motion an entirely different sequence of events?


This book started off so violently that I was not sure I would like it. But it was so well written and told a wonderful story with a very different take, so that it drew me in and I read in straight through. Do not miss the story. It was wonderful.


This is an engrossing story, and the author is proving herself to be an engaging storyteller. It's absolutely a page-turner. Infamous Relations, indeed! Poor Elizabeth has her cousin, Mr. Collins, and Mr. Darcy has his aunt, Lady Catherine, who are both pretty darn awful in this Pride and Prejudice variation that begins in Kent with Darcy handing Elizabeth his letter of explanation the morning after his botched proposal.
Over the course of the story there are two attacks. By the end, there are three deaths. While the reader knows who the culprit is, it's fascinating to read how the characters in the book are trying to trace clues to figure out exactly who is responsible. Elizabeth is grievously injured, but Lady C. insists that Mr. Collins get her out of his parsonage immediately. Thanks to Mr. Collins, Lady C. also learns what happened to Georgiana at Ramsgate, and she plans to use that information to blackmail Darcy to marry her daughter Anne. But the BEST scene is when Jane shows up at Hunsford to tend to Elizabeth, sees Darcy, and immediately steps up and slaps him hard. Go, Jane!
There are obviously many departures from canon, and they all work beautifully with characters behaving believably in these new situations. Charlotte Collins stands up to her husband on Lizzy's behalf, and her sister Maria is a helpful nurse. Colonel Fitzwilliam gets more ink here and has a bit of romance going of his own. Dr. Trent lives next door to the parsonage and tends to Ann de Bourgh's care, and he has a significant role. Mr. Bennet and Bingley also make their appearances. Elizabeth sees how devoted and honorable Darcy is throughout all these trials, and the two gradually make their way to their HEA.

About the Author

I'm an Australian mother of two who writes steamy romances and loves to read and blog about books.

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