Genre: Action Adventure

Book Summary

"Where there is a will, there's a way," they say – the author and the protagonist of this book lived by this phrase. Always wanting to start a salon, she never let any excuses keep her from it by starting her salon in a garage. This is an inspiring book about the power of a strong-willed woman who does everything she can to achieve her lifelong passion for owning a successful salon. In the book, she educates the reader about how they can start their own business by learning from her story. If you have ever dreamt of opening a salon of your own – take the first step and grab your copy now!

About the Author

Natalie Estelle Schepis was born in Melbourne, Australia. She had a passion for being a hairdresser since her childhood and began her career as one only when she was 14 years old. Her first job in a salon was as a 1st-year apprentice in Northcote. This salon taught her all the necessary skills required to be a wonderful hairdresser. It was a very business orientated salon; there were targets and benchmarks for everything. It wasn’t a family-based feeling, instead extremely professional and generating good profit. Her experience and passion led her to dream of opening her own hair business and eventually fulfilling her dream. By writing the book “Ins & Outs of the Hair Game,” she aims to help out people struggling to make their salon business a success.

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