Inspirational habits of the wealthy

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

The overwhelming majority of self-made rich agree it is largely a person’s habits that lead to wealth and outstanding success. If you want to discover their incredible habits and routines then read on.

The question I ask myself every day is, ‘Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?’
– Mark Zuckerberg –
If you carry on acting exactly as you are now, where will you be in 10 years-time? Will you achieve your goals?

I love this question as it forces you to look at the current trajectory of your life in relation to your ambitions and goals. For many people this can produce unexpected and unwanted answers. They find out they will not achieve the lifestyle of their dreams, they will not obtain the wealth they deserve, the health they wish for, the satisfaction they desire, and their bucket list will remain un-checked.

Inspirational Habits of the Wealthy is going to show you how to fix this.

The single most powerful word that will save you time and increase your profitability (hint: it is not “work”)
The most striking differences between how high-achievers operate vs the masses (caution – many are as simple as they are effective).
Effective ways to kick your bad habits and adopt positive new ones.
The secrets of gaining financial independence.
The most effective habits common among leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs and self-made millionaires.
Why working less can actually increase your productivity and wealth.
The one asset the rich deem critical and the masses woefully undervalue (hint 2: it is not money!).
The more you analyse the stories of successful and highly productive people, you’ll notice common habits and routines that lead towards clearer focus, greater efficiency and often non-linear improvements in productivity.

The world’s highest achievers and uber-rich operate by a different set of rules to the middle and lower class, allowing them to operate in a highly effective and productive dimension.

Whether good or bad, we all have habits. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is successful people cultivate good habits that guarantee success, whilst unsuccessful people develop poor habits that lead to failure.

In the words of Jim Rohn, author and motivational speaker, “Success is a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”

And that is powerful news!

Is this book for you?
ANYONE, regardless of age, education or experience can make the changes in this book given a little will power… and even Homer Simpson has the will power to get up and open the fridge! And so can you!

It’s straight-forward. You already have within you all it takes to start making the positive changes in this book and lead a more affluent and successful life – even if you are a lazy TV lay-about.

Starting in the opening chapter, we will begin to identify your poor-person habits preventing you from acquiring wealth and success and replace with expansive wealthy habits.

Don’t miss out!
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About the Author

An avid reader since childhood, he knew what he wanted out of life, and was determined to do what was necessary to get there. He made it his goal to read any book that could help him to achieve his goals. Within a few short years, he built a small arsenal of self-help and personal development books, all of which provided unique and valuable insight into the habits and mindset of successful people.

Having graduated top of his class at the University of Bath in the UK where he received First Class Honours and special recognition, he embarked on a successful early career in finance, but still something was missing.

Dan continued to put what he was reading into practice, and at 30, broke out of the rat race, quitting his 9-5 desk job in banking, to follow his dreams: living in a stunning place with financial independence. Now, as an author and entrepreneur, he lives an abundant life that has exceeded his wildest expectations.

Everything that he has achieved in life came through applying the techniques shares in his books.

Dan was brought up in Yorkshire, England on the edge of the Peak District. When not writing, he loves to get out into nature and explore his adopted home, the French Riviera. He is a keen adventurer who enjoys photography, mountaineering, skiing, surfing and free diving.

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