Instagram Stories

Genre: Paranormal

Book Summary

Instagram is giving us incredible tools to use to our advantage, at no cost. And an audience we could not have dreamt of before, is spending their time here on this very platform.
There are over 1 Billion users on Instagram EVERY month. The average user spends 25-35 minutes on Instagram every day. Instagram Stories are watched by 500 million users every single day, trending up.
Do I have to spell out what incredible opportunity lies in front of you?
It’s an open playground for business that you are not capitalizing on… yet. And it's where business and play meet.
This book will teach you how you can build your tribe, tap into income streams and eventually build an automated system that you grow from your core, with passion and purpose and towards financial freedom.

There is an abundance of opportunity, all hidden in your pocket, and understanding how Instagram can work in your favor is the key to unlock that opportunity.


Instagram Stories: The Secret ATM In Your Pocket has reframed how I look at marketing as a solopreneur in a way that focuses on HELPING my readers and VALUING their time. This sets it apart from everything else out there and will set you apart as well.

This is one of the best and most current books out there on tapping into the power of Instagram through the use of stories. If you only get one social media marketing book this year to grow your business, get this one!

About the Author

My name is Jason, I am the founder of Digital Marketing NYC, and I would describe myself as half successful, half a failure, half smart, and half not so much, half rich and half broke. Well, doesn’t that leave me in the no man’s land of mediocrity, you might ask?
But I associate with all my many halves, and all the self-made and self-destructed in between, and can speak from many different places of experience. I am half Swiss and half Greek, so perhaps my DNA is accountable for being a hybrid of contradictions!

I’ve traveled the world quite extensively, I have built companies in Hong Kong, Germany, and New York, and have dabbled in a variety of fields, from trading, import/export, design, advertising, product development, production in the US and overseas, branding, community building, and not-for-profit work.

I am a big fan of Roger Federer and beat myself up for not pursuing tennis when I was young, given the fact that I am his age and we grew up in the same small town, and I am pretty merciless at anything I put my mind to. I chose fencing instead, accomplishing bronze in the World Cup of 2000—despite being admittedly half-assed, lazy, and wasteful. I confess that, not with arrogance, but with a profound awareness of what I might have accomplished had I approached it all with a little less youthful lackluster, which has now cultivated in me a zero tolerance of waste—of time, of talent, and above all, opportunity.

I love to cook, ambitiously and with complications. I’m never not reading, not questioning, and not researching. I focus on maximizing all the time I have right here and right now, and do so with a dry—but unlimited—sense of humor.

It is now my contradictory laziness and wastelessness that will benefit you most in your business ventures. I need you to get the absolute maximum out of every energy cell expended, without sacrificing a drop of senseless effort. That is my ethos.

I even out on a very Swiss pragmatic middle ground, where tech boredom is ignited by a playful creativity, working outside the box whilst being resolutely goal- and result-oriented.

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