Intergalactic Love

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romance, Sci-fi

Book Summary

Rea is appointed to welcome Chief Darion on his vacation to the Mars Colony from his planet Radon. The gorgeous ruler was sweet, observant, and intense. Not to mention they shared a heavy and explosive attraction. 

When the time comes for Darion to return to Radon, he acts in a way that’s changed both his and Rea’s lives: he abducts her. She’s faced with having to get used to life on the new planet, not to mention living with Darion. Slowly but surely Darion learns that there is more to Rea and he has to work to earn her heart and her trust. Rea has made her choice and deep down she knows Darion is the one. Their short honeymoon phase abruptly ends when faced with mistakes from his past that leads them towards an uncertain future. The biggest strain on their relationship yet threatens to separate Darion and Rea for good.


Here's what readers are saying about Intergalactic Love:

"All I can say is WOW, what an awesome ride!"

"Wow!!! Sweet and Steamy."

"An interesting read from start to finish"

"unique love story about a man with power and ego"

"Awesome Epic Read"

"Star Trek + Romance = Heaven in a book"

"Loved This Amazing Sci Fi Story!"

"Love started on Mars has a HEA on Radon."

"Hot and sexy read."


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About the Author

I'm enjoy writing steamy scifi romances.

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