Iolon Star

Genre: Sci-fi

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Science Fiction, sci fi, aliens, robots, machine, thriller stories.

Book Summary

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Journey into a planetary system farther away then will ever be discovered by anyone on earth. Sallo is a Rektarian living on the planet Rektar. He is working on an invention he hopes will win his way into lavish living on SRX-99, a third moon to Rektar.

When he comes home he finds his 512 robot missing and his invention destroyed. Sallo thinks its sabotage but no one knows machines are conscious. Machines are tired of being discarded before their time and no one wants to go to the graveyard anymore. Rektarians love their machines, especially the new models.

Sallo tries to find a solution while geniuses on SRX-99 try to come up with their own plan to turn off all the machines. The security force on Rektar has its own ideas as the machines turn against them all.

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About the Author

Science fiction, fantasy, romance and fairy tale author who embarked on the self publishing track after spending some time in the literary submission track. Having a great experience now with over 1000 people having read my stories and not one negative review.

I write only original stories no re-telling stories. I also write short fiction and flash fiction in other genres including thriller, paranormal and horror.

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