Jane Goodall - An inspiring story

Genre: Children

Book Summary

Are you looking for a book with a message that touches your heart, inspires your children to follow their dreams and, most importantly tells a true story?

You will get all these and much more with this book that tells the story of the fascinating life of Dr. Jane Goodall, primatologist and messenger of peace.

It's an inspiring story that leads the reader through an incredible journey that shows that our dreams can come true. We should never forget that a dream has the power to nurture our will and gives us the strength to achieve anything in life.

The book features a mini-quiz, which makes it a great option for schools as well as parents. With these questions, you can start an interesting and valuable conversation with the children and their answers will surprise you over and over again.

Recommended age: 5 to 11 for self-reading and can be used as a read-along with pre-schoolers.


Such a positive book for kids about giving your best shot and succeeding. While this is about a girl succeeding I think it's important for boys to read as well to understand equality. This is a refreshing book to my Kid's collection and I learned something too.

About the Author

Sabrina Kraus is an entrepreneur, author and mother of two amazing kids. Being a mom not only changed her life, but also her way of thinking.

And what better way to deliver a message than by telling true stories about people which achieved something special in their lives.

With her book she wants to reach kids in a joyful way to show them through real examples that they can make their dreams come true, even if it seems difficult sometimes.

If you enjoyed her book, you are welcome to leave a review on Amazon.

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