Jaws of the Wolf

Genre: Historical Fiction, Young Adult

For Fans Of

Caroline Lawrence, Kate Quinn's Mistress of Rome series, Rosemary Sutcliffe, Mary Renault, Gillian Bradshaw, Juliet Marlier

Book Summary

He’s her father’s slave. She’s promised to another. But war changes everything.

Northern Europe, Tervingi Territory, 376 AD. Gelvira dreams of becoming a powerful jeweler. But the arrogant son of a tribal elder wants her for a wife instead. After a Hun raid sends her people into exile, her chance to master the ancient secrets of her craft are stripped away…

Adafuns yearns to become a great warrior and win Gelvira’s affection. But as a slave in her father’s service, he has little chance of either. Captured and carried off by the Huns, Adafuns’ dream of being a warrior could come true… at the cost of losing Gelvira forever.

With her people starving, marrying the tribal elder’s spoiled son may be Gelvira’s only hope to save her family. Will Adafuns reunite with the exiles in time to prevent Gelvira from sacrificing her future?


★★★★★ "Unputdownable - More please!"

"Great fast paced action that blends an interesting storyline with an easy to read writing style. A must read for anyone interested in epic historical fiction"

"This is a nicely researched and well-told story set around the barbarian invasions of the 4th and 5th Centuries AD. It's beautifully written - character and plot driven, with a focus on two interesting characters."

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About the Author

Charlotte Jardine writes Historical Fiction, Contemporary Romance and Romantic Adventure. Her books feature courageous heroines, big-hearted heroes, adventure and love.

Her love of history came from reading the adventures of Asterix and Tintin at a young age and continued into adult life, when she studied Classics and Roman History to postgraduate level at university.

While working as a desk slave by day, she spends her evenings escaping into other worlds via her writing.

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