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The children thought the answer to this question was simple. Who didn't know their own name? So, they began to call them out when asked. However, a special visitor taught them that Father God had much more to say about who they really are. He declared the truth about their identity that was rooted in God's big love for them. Discover who God says you are!
"Look Up: A Transformational Journey" is a gripping memoir of strife and liberation, turmoil and calm, and the tumultuous road in between. The author’s compelling narrative takes us on a transformational journey originating from an incredible change of heart and focus, all within the framework of a secular, yet traditional, second-generation American, Jewish background.
Always wanted to know how to help your body, mind, & spirit with simple somatic techniques but don’t know where to start? Have you suffered trauma in the past? Have you been wanting to relieve unusual symptoms but can’t seem to get to the bottom of it? Healing trauma doesn't have to be difficult…
He can set fires with his mind, influence the actions of birds and animals, and read auras. He is a SpiritKin. Orphaned at age fourteen, Gage, vows to hunt down his parents' murderers and kill them. Driven from his home village, he travels to the Boar's Head--land set aside by the usurper Solith king for outcast SpiritKin. On the way he meets Breen and Daevith, fostered children of nobility who defy the usurper and kindle Gage's awareness of their cause. Can Gage use his magic to help restore...
The Ultimate Collection is a treasure chest of wonderful Indian stories! With 210 titles plus 10 special issues this pack promises to keep you hooked. From epic adventures and legendary battles to funny tales and wise stories this collection has something for everyone. This box set is a great way to introduce children to all that India has to offer - the historical places, mythology and inspirational real life and fictional characters. This mega pack comes with a bunch of Amar Chitra Katha’s...
Fourteen-year-old Kate isn't clear who she is or how she had ended up as an assistant teacher in a stuffy old bush school. Why is she suddenly living in a world that resembles one huge antique shop? How can she escape this unpleasant world she finds herself in and return home?
Wilma is waiting for something. But she's keeping it a secret. The other jungle animals want to know what she is waiting for. "She's waiting for a parcel from the queen," says Fruity. "She's waiting for the moon to turn blue," says Poppi. Can the animals guess what Wilma's secret is? Or will they have to wait too?
When the winner of the worldwide beauty contest to find the new face of "California Girl" is found murdered, the number one suspect is her predecessor. Beautiful Jordan Comstock, both renowned and beloved, was the original 'California Girl' model and spokesperson for California Cosmetics. Meanwhile, two attempts on Jordan's life get ignored by the police lieutenant, given his unwavering belief that they were unsuccessful attempts on Jordan's part to divert suspicion from herself. Suddenly,...
Jenny has an older brother and a younger sister--and a father in the hospital. Feeling like she's always in the way or even invisible to those around her, she's sure nobody cares about her at all. Even as she seeks attention in all the wrong ways, can Jenny's family prove to her she's not only a vital part of them but unconditionally loved as well?
Tom Holloway and his Southern friends are excited about their prospects in joining the war effort, but the only thing they know of battle is what they've read about in newspapers. They envision the whole thing as an adventure, something to prove their manhood, to make them into men, and a diversion from their sometimes boring school regimen. Ultimately, they anticipate becoming heroes on a winning team.


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