Khalia's Tomb

Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-fi

Book Summary

In the times before time, thirteen sacred crystal skulls were forged by highly advanced, benevolent races from across the galaxy and beyond, and brought to Earth to watch over the evolution of humankind. Since that beginning, they have been coveted by those who have sought to seize the power of the skulls for their own dark purposes.

Three years after the skulls first made contact with her and her life changed forever, Gemma Mason is being drawn ever deeper into their mysteries. Accompanied by her friend Joe, an expert on the skull legends, she faces a world where danger hides in every shadow, death follows brutal death, and unknown enemies stalk every move she makes. What do they want? What do they think she knows? Her only option is to enter ever deeper into the darkness in search of answers, for until Gemma has fulfilled her mission to bring knowledge of the Skulls of Light to humankind, her enemies will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

And throughout, the stories of the thirteen skulls continue to unfold in Gemma's writing. Khalia is the fifth of those thirteen Skulls of Light, created among the stars of the Pleiades from the purest deep green jade. This is also her history...

- A man stumbles panic-stricken through the jungle with the jade skull gripped in his hands, fleeing the horrors of an ancient apocalypse.

- A guardian princess and her lover escape the Pyramid Temple of Atlantis carrying the jade skull, crossing barren continents to keep it safe from its enemies.

- A young English widow runs for her life from a palace prison, taking the jade skull with her. Who are the unseen allies who keep her alive as she crosses the icy wastes of a desolate mountain range, chased by an enemy who will kill anyone who gets in their way to the skulls?

About the Author

Storyteller, poet & author.

Goddess in training and ballroom diva (at least in her imagination).

D.K. (otherwise known as Dawn) Henderson lives and writes in the mystical,
magical county of Wiltshire, England surrounded by crop circles, the ancient & mysterious stone monuments of Stonehenge and Avebury, and her own family of crystal skulls. When she isn't wandering the ancient downlands that inspire her novels and poetry, or conversing with her unseen friends, you'll probably find her pottering in the garden, foraging in the hedgerows or following her other passion, executing a nifty cha cha or elegant waltz on the dance floor.

DKH (a friend came up with this nickname and it stuck) is the author of The Skull Chronicles. As her alter ego, Dawn Henderson, she is the author of 'Forgotten Wings: a guidebook to spiritual growth and personal transformation'.

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