Kingdoms and Empires - Dark Rage

Genre: Fantasy, General Fiction, Sci-fi

Book Summary

In a universe where magic and science exist, two nations battle for dominance. The Utopian Kingdom ruled by the beautiful and wise Princess Asora, and the Darkcon Empire ruled by the cunning and sensuous Queen Laxur. War has broken out between these two nations. Queen Laxur seeks the ultimate magical power, while her little sister Princess Asora hopes that new technology with magic can defeat her mad sister and her wicked empire. As Princess Asora battles her enemies outside the Utopian Kingdom, forces within her own kingdom conspire against her and her revolutionary idea's to change the kingdom and its ways. The Utopian Kingdom is degrading, and Asora is trying toinitiate change that can save it from stagnation and extinction. There are also other forces out there that threaten the Utopian Kingdom as well. Powerful ancient forces will also waken to wreak havoc on both sides.

About the Author

I am a technician from a town north of Seattle, WA. I have written a novel series called Kingdoms and Empires. So far it is a four part novel series that is a science fiction and fantasy. I have been writing this series for 16 years.

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