Knights of the Apocalypse

Genre: Action Adventure, Dystopian and Futuristic, Humour, Sci-fi

For Fans Of

Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams

Book Summary

The end of the world as you've never known it.A price on their heads has driven Jerry the post-apocalyptic nomadic warrior, Erica and their loyal mastiff west in search of a new beginning. But when their truck breaks down in what was once southern Colorado they are swept into an epic quest at the behest of King Elias, ruler of the Kingdom of the Five Peaks.

On their quest they will meet old friends and new foes, mutant cannibals, savage mountain men, fearsome knights and much, much more.

Powered by gold and driven by steam, the kingdom has risen from the ashes of the apocalypse into a realm of prosperity and relative peace. The king has offered them a new start within the walls of the kingdom. But is the prize worth it?

The adventure that began in the best-selling novel, Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors, continues here in Knights of the Apocalypse.

About the Author

Benjamin Wallace is the bestselling author of Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors, the Everyday Crap series and other nonsense.

He lives in Dallas, Texas where he complains about the heat–a lot.

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