Knights of the Wind: The Evil Within

Genre: General Fiction

Book Summary

The first book in the Knights of the Wind series, The Power of the Mage, set the stage for brothers Jarrod and Garren, who grew up in a small town with dreams of their own. One brother wanted to be a knight of the realm, and the other wanted a simple life and was ready to take over the family Inn business. Suddenly, they were thrust into a struggle to save the world; the boys had to discover themselves, find new loves, develop new friendships and figure out how to bring balance back to the land without destroying everything in the process. Jarrod uncovers that his hidden identity was not only attached to an ancient realm but also tied to an evil that had been lying in wait for centuries. His curiosity for antique books, mysteries, and magical items, lands him attached to a powerful magic item and a destiny where he must choose between his simple life and a path to save the world. A powerful wizard of old comes to his rescue to guide him to his fate. However, the wizard unexpectedly meets destiny, which left the brothers alone to come up with a plan to thwart the evil unleashed by the leader of Idesport.

About the Author

R.B. Michaels was born in Champaign, Illinois, and grew up in a small town in Florida. He spent many years in the military and subsequently was introduced to game adventures like Dungeons and Dragons and other book series. From those interactions, he developed his love for epic fantasy novels and was the inspiration for his "Knights of the Wind" series.

He has created another masterpiece with book two in the trilogy series, "The Evil Within." His thoughts and imagination explode into reality while he shares with the world this fantastic story.

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