Knights Of The Wind: The Power of the Mage

Genre: Action Adventure

Book Summary

The world of “The Knights of the Wind: The Power of the Mage” is different as it has humans, elves, orcs, and dark creatures.

This world is once again in danger, as it was a few centuries ago.
A brave knight then beat the darkness, with the help of a great wizard. With the new evil on the rise, the world needs a new Knight of the Wind to defeat it. With the knight trial tournament taking place after four years, the king thinks he can unite the different cities with their separate Knight Orders.However, what they are all missing is a wizard who has the acumen as Oracon the great; the famous wizard who defeated evil centuries ago.

Can a boy who has barely turned into an adult keep a secret from his family, understand his mission, and still enjoy the pleasures of young love?
You will learn these and other secrets and be ready to indulge in this fantastic series. Although this story remains the journey of Jarrod as he goes through several tests and pressing situations, you need to keep an eye on Garren, Evie, and Leah as well.

Don’t forget to keep in mind how Dalimar operates, and you will have all the tidbits that you need to follow this engaging series that’s all knights and mages. These are imaginary, but the setting of this series in the present, and you will not feel as if they are taking you to a time that you are not familiar with. So, let’s start reading this story where Jarrod is living with his brother Garren. He prefers to manage their family inn, instead of pursuing the illustrious career of a noble knight.

About the Author

R.B. Michaels was born in Champaign, Illinois, and grew up in a small town in Florida. He spent many years in the military and subsequently was introduced to game adventures like Dungeons and Dragons and other book series. From those interactions, he developed his love for epic fantasy novels and was the inspiration for his "Knights of the Wind" series.

He has created another masterpiece with book two in the trilogy series, "The Evil Within." His thoughts and imagination explode into reality while he shares with the world this fantastic story.

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