Know Money No Problem: A Guide to Positive Personal Economics

Genre: Young Adult

Book Summary

‘Know Money, No Problem’ by Ronnie Lee is a captivating guide to help you better manage your daily expenses. Our unstable finances have gripped us for too long. Families are constrained by their unstable finances to create a happy and healthy life for their children. How to escape these constraints? This book answers that questions and more. In Ronnie Lee’s book, ‘Know Money, No Problem’, you will find the secrets to a life where you don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck. Grab your copy of the book today.

About the Author

Ronnie F. Lee was born to a German mother who married an African-American man, and raised in between the United States and Germany. Even though both of Ronnie’s parents worked and his father was a noncommissioned officer in the Army, he still felt the stress of a paycheck-to-paycheck environment. He felt the discomfort of many cheese and mayo sandwiches six days before payday, and the disappointment of a dinner made up of mayo sandwiches without the cheese four days before payday. The anger that comes with hunger when your father tells you to eat air-biscuits the night before payday. The joy of the first meal after payday, which is usually the family dining out. Ronnie recalls his father sitting down and showing him $900 that he received as an advance payment for the reassignment to a new duty station. He was mesmerized by the nine $100 bills and thought his family was just $100 short of being rich. His parents taught him a lot about economics. The lessons came through examples of what not to do, more so than by guidance and examples of what to do.

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