Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Suspense Thrillers, Young Adult

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For fans of Marissa Meyer and Ransom Riggs. You can visit my author site for a free chapter of my medieval hero tale, Sacra Furta, a soon to release YA adventure:

Book Summary

Laerka is Southern Gothic tale of rescue involving a group of teenagers and a Russian crime ring that sells girls to night clubs in Savannah, Georgia. One particular victim, Laerka, is a Danish girl who transforms into a mermaid when in water. The Russian crime boss who masterminds the trafficking changes into a "Vodyanoy" dragon when he hunts girls for the illegal skin trade. Savannah native, sixteen-year-old Stella Delaney finds Vodyanoy's first victim floating face down in the marsh. Can she save Learka from this fate? Is she in danger, herself? Could Laerka be a crook, herself? She and the traffickers share the same prison tattoo so who in this forbidding landscape can be trusted?


Bendoly’s imagination runs rampant in the story treating the reader to such fantastical things as a magical dress that possesses anyone who wears it to the hypnotic controlling stare of a beautiful mermaid.
This story is definitely for the Fantasy and Southern Gothic fan. As each part of the story unfolds and each character rises to the occasion the reader is treated to a mystical and magical tale that keeps them wondering: What is going to happen next?

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I am an Ohio writer of young adult and adult fiction in the urban fantasy, ghost story, thriller, Gothic, supernatural and historical fiction genres. I use mythology and folklore as the background to most of my stories and I often set them in locations of historic interest -- castles, lonely mountains, maritime communities, feudal landscapes, fringe communities.

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