Lake Of Sins: Hangman's Army

Genre: Action Adventure, Dystopian and Futuristic, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Sci-fi, Young Adult

For Fans Of

The Hunger Games, Maze Runner and Divergent -- meet your next obsession. Dark, gritty and too disturbing to put down!

Book Summary

A rebellion is brewing in the world of the Lake of Sins while Hugh Truent sits in prison days away from his execution.

After taking his findings about the genetic similarities between the classes to the Supreme Almighty and the Council, Hugh had been arrested for treason and all his evidence had vanished as if made from smoke.

To protect his family, he cut off all contact with the outside world while he sat in prison for over four years waiting for his execution. He has no idea that some of his reports were leaked to the other classes and that civil war looms on the horizon.

Trinity and her friends have no hope of winning the war unless they can unite the classes. In order to do that, they need someone everyone will follow. They need the one person all the classes trust and believe in. They need Hugh.

That means they have to break him out of a maximum security prison and convince him to lead their army, but that won’t be easy because Hugh wants revenge and he’s not going to let anything get in his way especially mouthy, attractive, know-it-all Trinity.


"This series keeps the action started in the first book. If you are a fan of dystopian tales of the future such as The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner then be prepared to become hooked on this great series. Like Hitchcock who could scare without the graphic visions this series gives enough to see what is occurring in your minds eye without the blow by blows. The author has currently made the first novel available for no cost on Kindle, so what are you waiting for? L. S. O'Dea will be the writer to be the next J. K. Rowling. I highly recommend this series. Not for young children, but no age limit on the upper end!" Cowboy Poet

About the Author

L. S. O’Dea sees things a bit differently than most people. This is probably a bi-product of being the youngest of seven children in a time when TV was only worth watching in the evenings or Saturday mornings and there were no computers. Back then, kids had to amuse themselves and being five years younger than her closest sibling she was often the unwilling entertainment.

Since she was so much younger than her brothers and sisters, it was only reasonable that they knew how to do many things that she could not, such as read and write. One day, before she started kindergarten, she really wanted to learn how to spell her name. Her mother was busy cooking or cleaning (she had seven children to care for), so her brothers were instructed to help their baby sister.

After she learned how to spell her first and middle name (Linda Sue), she raced into the kitchen to share this new knowledge with her mother. She was so proud, standing tall and reciting the letters of her name. L-E-M-O-N H-E-A-D.

Her mother was not happy with her brothers and stopped what she was doing to teach Linda the correct way to spell her name. L. S. still receives a box of Lemonhead candy every year for Christmas.

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