Last Light

Genre: Historical Thrillers

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Michael Agliolo writes Thriller/Suspense novels that will both entertain and shock the reader. They will have you reading late into the evening and then up the rest of the night (praying it doesn’t come true).

Book Summary

Michael Agliolo’s stunning first novel takes you on a journey through human history on a collision course with nuclear Armageddon. Nine words, written in an ancient language, are found embedded deep in the pixels of a photograph taken by Photographer Matt Reese. Struck by a flash of light Matt and model Elaine Gardner experience a simultaneous near-death experience that leads them to the epicenter of a world on the brink of nuclear war. As the past echoes to today, the power of a single photograph is all that separates humanity from World War III.


"This author's first flight is a winner...! It holds the reader from the first page to the last in a spellbinding tale. Interwoven with history and spiritual themes, this book will keep you turning pages all night until you reach the surprising and satisfying end..." - Amazon

"Last Light is fast-paced and very engaging. You will get to read about millennia of civilizations at an amazing speed and never be bored for even a second!" - Amazon

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About the Author

With a master’s degree in photography and a thirty-year career producing images for most of the fortune 500 companies. Michael Agliolo’s vision has evolved from revealing the outside world of images to revealing the inside domain of his imagination. Words have now taken the place of his camera lens, allowing you to experience the impact of his writing internally as if they were a series of photographs.

​Michael lives with his wife Nancy in their Northern California home just 10 miles from the worst fire in California history in the town of Paradise. Just as the people of that town have risen from the ashes of devastation, readers of Michael’s books will also be uplifted to see beyond the impossible and into the imaginable.

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