Legacy of the Fallen Angel

Genre: Action Adventure

Book Summary

The Fallen Angel, a Spanish fishing vessel, sinks in a storm in 1822 near Misteriosa Bank in the Caribbean Sea. Two hundred years later, Jim and Vikki Lansing nose the Zephyr out of Key West, Florida, determined to locate the wreck after spotting discrepancies in her manifest. Jim doubts the Fallen Angel was really a fishing vessel, believing her crew was actually pirating other ships and could've been carrying a fortune in her hold that fateful night. Convinced they will discover a treasure on the sea floor, the two battle modern-day pirates intent on taking whatever they want, a dangerous storm that seems bent on making kindling out of their boat, and hungry sharks -- plus an underwater eruption that threatens to send them to a watery grave. Vikki's biological clock is tick-tocking while Jim is obsessed with treasure hunting. Will both -- or neither -- of them fulfill their dreams? Their desire to unravel the mystery of the Fallen Angel's legacy could lead to untold wealth or death and ruin on the high seas...

Bev's Books

About the Author

I've been writing for many years, initially penning non-fiction articles for newspapers, magazines, art collectors books, online newspapers, etc. but after retiring and joining a local writers group, I decided to try my hand at fiction. It's what I most enjoy reading. I now have one action/adventure novel and two novellas on Amazon, plus two novellas based on movie scripts I co-wrote. I'm currently working on a prequel to my novel. In addition, I edit others' work. I was blessed with a passion for grammar, punctuation, word usage, etc. ~ all the stuff that made other students' eyes glaze over. I earned a BA from Miami University of Ohio at age 44 and currently live in Cotacachi, Ecuador, with my beloved cat Squeak and my horse Socrates.

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